Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Run with Me Tuesday...

I didn't have much time over the weekend to run (see blog about the past weekend, it's coming, I promise) so you can imagine how I felt on Monday....however, I had something going on with my ankle and was afraid to run, so that meant 3 days, no running.  I did a quick workout that morning before work and finished it when I got home.  Here is the workout I did, I loved it, only did one round since I was a little sore but I definitely felt it this morning!


I was able to head out this morning for my run and it felt great, I think the 3 days off really helped me.  I have been having a hard time to get back up to my normal miles.  Before the marathon, my norm was 30 miles a week, then I bumped it up to 35, and then to 40ish towards the end of my training.  Honestly, I think 40ish miles was too much for me at the time, which is why I am where I am at now...hardly making my 30 miles.  I think I am tired, need a new routine, more motivation, and cross training.  Training for my next marathon is coming soon so I hope that by the time I start I will feel better...

Until then, I will continue to lace up my shoes and hit the pavement!  :) Hope you all like the workouts I am posting, I literally am trying them as I go, so some may not be so fun....my apologies ;)

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  1. So my monday run was so slow. My legs were like molasses. Today I went to a trampoline arena with Kaydance and think I worked out more there than any run I have done lately. Seriously, an hour of jumping really kicks your butt!