Saturday, February 25, 2012


I realize I somehow managed to stop blogging....again...


Well, I have a few updates..and confessions

Update/Confession #1:
We are going to Hawaii this summer and I am so stinking excited!! 101 days on the countdown to be exact. This trip serves more than just a typical summer vacation for Nick and I. We went to Maui for our honeymoon back in 2010....It was great, beautiful, relaxing, and perfect. However, we both felt that our honeymoon wasn't all that we wanted it to be. I mean, that sounds wrong, but in a way, it's true. I think that society has all this fuss about how honeymoons are supposed to be filled with romance, luxurious hotel stays, fancy dinners, and endless shopping...well ours, wasn't so much that....sure we did amazing things, swam with turtles, had a couple great dinners, and got a good tan, but all in all, we were both stressed about money...being married was brand new, we hadn't joined bank accounts yet, I just spent my very last penny on the wedding, and he had just enough to give us a good trip and then get home. It was life. Slapped with reality came way fast for us....maybe a lot faster than most newlyweds, but I can tell you this....I. wouldn't. have. it. any. other. way.

We learned a lot about one another...about marriage, and about trust. And...we actually fought on our honeymoon. How many people actually fight on their honeymoon? Well, we did. But still, it was perfect.

So, we told ourselves that we would like to be able to go back someday...go back without the stress. And with that my friends, we have our trip booked and paid for...I cannot wait!

Update # 2:
Marathon training has begun...It feels nice to have another goal in sight. :)

Update #3:
Pinterest consumes me....Planning for the trip has consumed me...not quite sure if thats a bad thing, I mean afterall, we will have a very well, thought out trip...but I am mentally shopping for outfits for the are some of my favs :) All are from my Pinterest-Hawaii Board of course!

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