Tuesday, November 16, 2010

my latelies....

Lately I have...
  • Registered for my next Half Marathon...and Nick is doing it with me :)

  • Planned Nick's 29th Birthday....so excited! Will post details after the 18th.
  • Figured out what our first Christmas will be like...Nick is working (booo) Christmas and the day after. So it's Christmas Eve for us!

  • Downloaded just about 2,000 pictures from our wedding! So awesome and a little overwhelming as well. Trying to decide which ones I want to be printed is hard....I love all of them!

  • Been thinking about how thankful I am for my family, friends, husband, home, a good job, and most importantly God.

  • Become not only an Auntie, but a God Parent as well :) Tal and Michel asked Nick and I to be Kaydance's God Parents this past weekend. I balled.....of course, and Nick was overwhelmingly happy as well. Out of all the people in their lives they chose us.....we are both so honored and beyond thrilled. :) I love that little girl so much!

  • And for the longest item on my lately list: I have mentioned a little bit here and hinted here that there is something that I really love doing and when the timing is right I will begin a new journey of my own. Not too many people know about it, actually only two people know that I want to do this, mainly because I always like to have everything thought completely through before I make an important decision. But after countless prayers, long runs, and discussions with the husband, I think I am ready to let a little bit more people in on our little plan.

    Over the years, I have developed this little creative bug into something that is now becoming more and more of a fun job if nothing else. What is this creative bug? Designing paper goods. To be more exact, designing invitations. I have a lot of fun with the unlimited ideas that come to mind when I am designing something and over the past couple of years I have been designing invites for friends and family and of course, for my wedding as well. At first this just started out as doing a favor for people, as they all know I went to school for marketing and graphic design kind of piggy-backs with it. However, the more and more I did it, the more and more I really loved it. People have asked me, why I don't do that for a living and though I wish I could, it really just isn't possible at this very moment as we just can't live off of 1 paycheck and a few little side jobs here and there.

    A few months back I made an action list of things that I need to start working on before this really goes "live" so to speak....Currently I am thinking of creative names to really brand this idea, and am leaning towards one in particular but haven't completely decided yet: little l designs.

    I am also in the works of building my own
    Etsy account and then will start developing a professional blog. So those are the building blocks of something that I eventually want to do as my full time job, like when we start to have kids and I need to be home more. But for now, it will be an extra side job that may provide a little extra cash as well. I thought I would post some of my most recent invitations that I have designed in the past year (I apologize that they are kind of small)...tell me what you think? Would love to hear your ideas!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Turn Your Mourning Into Dancing....

I can't stop thinking about Psalm 30 this morning....that I just had to write about it.

This week has been a very trying week to say the least but I have done my best to stay positive and to keep my head held high...I know we all have those moments, it just seems that my moment is lasting...a...very...long....time. It's one of those times, where I think my low's of the week outweigh the high's of the week; however, I will not write about them...I will only list my high's.

  1. We got paid on Thursday, not Friday this week.
  2. I didn't have bad traffic Thursday or Friday.
  3. Lucy got another round of her shots and is looking fabulous.
  4. It's Friday!
  5. Lacy and I are hosting Courtney's bridal shower tomorrow!
  6. Nick and I are both healthy.
  7. I have a beautiful little niece that I get to see in just a short 2 weeks.
  8. I got to run this morning even though, it was freezing!
  9. I got a cuddle session with my little Killian this morning and I just love those moments.
  10. Even though money has been tight, we have been able to pay our bills, pay our rent, and put food on the table and for that I feel blessed because I know it could be a lot worse.

I hope this blog finds you well, I know it's short but I think that it is good to remind one another to turn your mourning into dancing every once and while. Have a fabulous Friday and I promise I will blog about something fun soon!

Monday, November 8, 2010


All Done!

It's official, I'm a Gray :)

This was my favorite race by far...not knowing what to expect and being a little apprehensive about the race (bc I hadn't ran in a week) I was a little nervous, but at the same time, very excited becuase I thought I would just wing this one. We started at 6:50 in the morning and it was very dark....very dark for a oddly long time actually....The runners were off and so were we! As we both settled into our pace, we split up and it was just me and the road. Oh....and 3,000 other runners...but who's really paying attention anyways? I was feeling pretty good, enjoying the weather, and closely watching my watch to make sure I was still good for my below 1:54 goal...Lacy and I texted every now and then along the way, motivating one another and warning about hills....mile 10 was a tough one! But nevertheless, I finished in 1.53

The boys were perfect...taking pictures of us close to the finish and offering their jackets once we cooled down...

After the .9 mile walk and the window shopping on State Street, we did about 15 miles that day... that makes for two tired young ladies....we seriously had to question if it would be worth going to the second story of Forever 21...We did by the way, and no, it wasn't worth it....Oh well....to finish a great day, Nick and I went for sushi and I passed out about 9 pm...woke up Sunday morning, sore and stiff but felt rested, did some decorating and organizing then plopped in front of the TV all night...Nick was at work so it was just me and the dogs...

So now that this race is over, I can't stop thinking about my next Half Marathon...ummm run through wine country?? Sign me up! I think Nick is going to do it with me this time, which is HUGE because he has bad knees...I told him I would find a good training program and we will get him good shoes...I am really excited! If anyone is thinking about doing a race, I will say do it...sign up and just do it (not trying to sound like an old Nike ad I promise)...challenge yourself to something and give yourself a goal, it will be worth it, I promise :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

SB International Half Marathon

Taken at the Human Race 2008
This weekend, I will be running my second half marathon with one of my closest friends, Lacy (pictured above). We both are very active and love to run so when I signed up for the SB Half I told her to do it with me! She signed up and now we get to run it together!
We're going to take the husbands with us and will drive up there tonight where we will stay downtown for the night. Our wonderful husbands will just hang out while we are running 13 miles....no big deal! When I ran the La Jolla Half I got a 1:56 so this time my goal is to run under a 1:55....fingers crossed I get a 1:54 :) Only time will tell!
Happy Friday!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Is it...

time to go home yet?

Hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday...