Monday, November 8, 2010


All Done!

It's official, I'm a Gray :)

This was my favorite race by far...not knowing what to expect and being a little apprehensive about the race (bc I hadn't ran in a week) I was a little nervous, but at the same time, very excited becuase I thought I would just wing this one. We started at 6:50 in the morning and it was very dark....very dark for a oddly long time actually....The runners were off and so were we! As we both settled into our pace, we split up and it was just me and the road. Oh....and 3,000 other runners...but who's really paying attention anyways? I was feeling pretty good, enjoying the weather, and closely watching my watch to make sure I was still good for my below 1:54 goal...Lacy and I texted every now and then along the way, motivating one another and warning about hills....mile 10 was a tough one! But nevertheless, I finished in 1.53

The boys were perfect...taking pictures of us close to the finish and offering their jackets once we cooled down...

After the .9 mile walk and the window shopping on State Street, we did about 15 miles that day... that makes for two tired young ladies....we seriously had to question if it would be worth going to the second story of Forever 21...We did by the way, and no, it wasn't worth it....Oh finish a great day, Nick and I went for sushi and I passed out about 9 pm...woke up Sunday morning, sore and stiff but felt rested, did some decorating and organizing then plopped in front of the TV all night...Nick was at work so it was just me and the dogs...

So now that this race is over, I can't stop thinking about my next Half Marathon...ummm run through wine country?? Sign me up! I think Nick is going to do it with me this time, which is HUGE because he has bad knees...I told him I would find a good training program and we will get him good shoes...I am really excited! If anyone is thinking about doing a race, I will say do it...sign up and just do it (not trying to sound like an old Nike ad I promise)...challenge yourself to something and give yourself a goal, it will be worth it, I promise :)

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