Thursday, April 22, 2010

Conquering the La Jolla Half

It's been a while since I last wrote on my apologies, yes, a lot of fun things have happened since I last blogged about fabric but I didn't have pictures to support my day of trying on bridesmaid dresses or going to Baby Cakes Bakery which was amazing by the way, please go. There has been one thing that has consumed my thinking, and that my friends, is the La Jolla Half Marathon.
Those of you that know me, know that I love to run. I love it! So way back when, August to be exact, I was searching races and came across the La Jolla Half. This is like my dream....well not really, but let me explain.
I love love love La Jolla....there is this seashell store off the cliffs that just looks like your typical little store...well, it's not. You can take like 200+ stairs down (steap stairs) to this little cove and by the time you are at the ground you are practically floating in the ocean. Amazing. Our parents used to always take us when we were little.

Ok, so we have La Jolla, we have the beach...I am obsessed, but who isn't right? We have the sun. Forecast says sunny with a high of 68, a little on the cooler side but I'll take it. Then we have a 13 mile run through Torrey Pines alongside the coast the whole way?! Sign me up! As of August 2009, I have been signed up for my very first Half Marathon. :) I have been training as much as my work schedule permits, running those hills (by the way, mile 7 of the race has a 400 ft. incline within 1 mile...holy moly), buying the proper race gear, made my hotel reservations, now on my taper week, I am ready to go!

Nick and I will head out Saturday morning to pick up my race packet, hang out, possibly meet up with his buddy, and Sunday morning I will set out to conquer one of my goals on my list :)

Stay tuned for my blog about my experience, as well as pictures of course :)


  1. I take it you mean that you will be heading out Saturday morning not Sunday morning . . . I am excited to hear how great you did!

  2. yes, haha i fixed it. thank you :)