Monday, April 12, 2010

How Many Yards Do I Need?

That seemed to be the question all weekend...For myself, this is a little harder than for most. I am zoning in on my "inner Martha" and tackeling yet, another DIY project. This time kids, I am making napkins. for. 150. people. And I am not much a seamstress.

I feel that I need to preface this post with this, I am creative, I enjoy decorating, planning, and incorporated unique ideas with everything I do. So for our wedding, why would it be any different? A list of things I have done or plan to do is on an earlier post, scroll down if you haven't read it.

So throughout the past 5ish months, I have carefully planned the colors, the decorations, the dresses, etc....I have a lot of the aubergine (plum) color, a lot of the orange color, and very very very little of the pops! of magenta....hmmmm...something's wrong here, I wanted aubergine, orange, and pops! of magenta....not aubergine and orange? The flowers that the I am holding will have some magenta, the other flowers may have some magenta, but other than that, there is no pinkish magenta color anywhere. I have slightly been avoiding this situation just because I felt that it would just come to me and I think it was also a little bit of a pain to have to think of more ideas....Even for me, I can only handle so much of DIY projects and I am up to my ears in DIY projects...I don't need another one! Well that all came to a halt last week. As I was reading my websites and getting ideas, it came to me.....Why don't I make my own napkins with patterns that will have magenta?! This shouldn't be so hard right?

One thing about me is, once I have an idea, I do how will I accomplish this dawnting task? With help...tons of help. My sister figured it all out, the dimensions were calculated, I saved the email, and printed it out so I could take it to the store. I went out and bought fabric, which I need to tell you, it is so cute! It will go perfectly with my table clothes and I think will add a nice little touch. I will learn to sew better (my grandma from Texas taught me but apparently I didn't take that lesson with me as I grew up), and most importantly I have saved myself just a little bit more money.
Stay tuned as I update my napkin adventures!


  1. I'm such a FB addict.. I find myself wanting to just hit the "like" button on this. :) It will all come together perfectly, I'm sure!

  2. I love the fabric!!!!!! Looking forward to "crafting" with you!