Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Rather Engaging Afternoon

Since the day we got engaged, we already knew who would be our photographer: Kat Musacchio. As my sister's Mother in Law, a fabulous photographer, it was a no brainer, we would use her for our wedding. She has taken my family photos for a few years now, and when I knew that she would be coming down for my sister's baby shower, we had one day to get the engagement pictures done. Kat was also present the day Nick proposed at the beach, she captured every minute of the wonderful day, took tons of wonderful shots of everyone, the beach, and the sunset; however, there was one place that I just knew I wanted pictures taken. Nick's fire station. Every second of our wedding planning process has been spent making sure that this wedding will be us, the pictures, the songs, the venue, the flowers, down to the center pieces. I felt that his work is a huge part of who Nick is, just as the beach is about us, I knew that the station said a lot of who he is and what his passion is.

So we set out at 3 on Good Friday, after a stop at Office Depot (Kat got an amazing deal on a new SD Card) we were on our way to Loma Linda. Once we arrived, the boys working were washing his truck, we thought, perfect! it will be clean for us to take pictures with :) We started taking pictures on the anitque fire engine, also known as the Mack Truck.
After warming up a bit to the camera we were good...Kat was able to capture one of our favorites, below:

The truck was clean and waiting for us! One of our favorites from this part of pictures:

After the station we went to Redlands where Nick grew up. Kat and I both shared the next vision and were set to find the perfect spot. We wanted an old building with exposed, bare materials, so he drove us to the older part of the city, and found this building....awesome! I just love how Kat was able to capture all the right angles...

I just can't get enough of this one...makes me laugh :)

On our way home, Kat mentioned that she wanted to shoot a little bit more up the street from my house. The sun was right, the location was set, and it couldn't have been any better.


  1. Lindsey, Holy Crap!!! These are all beautiful! I have such a hard time picking my favorite. I love the one of you two in the car . . . such a classic picture. However, I think the last one was perfect . . . sometimes the men that God has given us has to throw us kicking and screaming over their shoulder and make us do what they KNOW is best for us. Buckle up, i think you ready for marriage!

  2. Call me a sap...but I cried! Bahahaha! I LOVE them, the one I love the most is the first one of you leaning on the engine...so classy!! But I also love the "grumpy Lindsey"!! Can't wait to see you two on your big day...and maybe for a shower in between! Love you, Shelbs