Friday, April 30, 2010

La Jolla Half....Check!

I did it! 13.1 miles of fun, torture, and victory. I did it. My last post left off at me telling you guys that I would be running in my very first half marathon. The La Jolla Half. One of Southern California's most rewarding but difficult runs....let me tell you, it was challenging. When I signed up for this race, I knew that it had hills, I knew that every review of the race said, this is a great run but it's hard. I said, hills? got problemo. With proper training and runs that included big hills, I would strengthen my legs, lungs, and mind. Well I did just that.

I realized that this race was a lot more to me than just 13.1 miles. As a runner, this is my joy, my life, and with every challenge I gain something. Signing up for this race meant more than just a free t shirt and an official time. It was a goal for me that I never knew if I would be able to accomplish. I know that I am not a professional athlete, and to some, a half marathon is nothing. But to me this is the beginning of many years worth or races.

I didn't realize how emotional I would be with this race. There was never a thought that I wouldn't be able to run in this race, but there was definetly a thought in my mind that I would get a bad time...with that, I was determined to get under 2 hours. My official time was 1.56.45, but my watch time was 1.56.33 (I had to stop to take my long sleeve shirt off). I told myself, ok, the biggest hill is at mile 5.5, this hill was steep and killer...even for me and I am good with hills....After that I knew that it would be a little easier mentally and physically. There were a few more little hills and at mile 12 one more bigger hill. I say bigger, because after 12 miles, it just want to be done. At that point, my left quad started to cramp and I just powered through it...Made it to the top and sprinted down to the finish line. Unbelievable. I had to hold back tears...yes I know, I am emotional, but this was a far greater deal for me seeing as I did this race alone and sorta on a whim. As mentioned in my previous post, my parents and Nick were there to cheer me on. It was so great to see them at the finish. I was so happy. We went back to the hotel, showered, got ready and we went to lunch at this really good greek place in La Jolla...not sure if it was really good because it was truly really good or if it was just because I just burned 1,300 calories and I could literally eat a whole cow. Either way, it was perfect. :)
And as a little reward to myself, I bought me a new pair of Toms. In yellow :)

Due to the events that will be taking place this year, i.e. 4 weddings, 2 newborns, 1 fabulous wedding to my love, and a honeymoon, I will be signing up for at least 1 more half before the end of the year. But next year my friends, will be a whole new year....I will be running in my very first Marathon.....The Los Angeles Marathon to be exact! And then one more race that I have been wanting to do for years...the Nike Womens Marathon in San Fransisco....let's pray that I get picked in the lottery.


  1. CongratS! so proud! what a huge wonderful accomplishment! Great job, great time! Kisses, you rock!

  2. I love love the toms!!!! I knew you would be AMAZING in the race! I love you!

  3. nice work! i just completed one as well, and i'm training for NY!