Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Favorites

It's a new year which means, new things to call my fav.  Here are a few that got me excited :)

  1. Pinterest- I bit the bullet and became a pinner.  i love it!  Yet another thing to add to my list of addictions, but it is actually very helpful.  I have so many ideas from anything from outfits, recipes, to decorating my home.   :)
  2. The 100's workout- This thing kicks your butt!  I have changed it up a little bit, for instance, the leg lifts are lunges for me, I add in planks and push ups and sometimes run longer than 10 min....the first time I did it, I was sore for 4's no joke, but it's fun and a fast workout and is great for women who don't have a lot of time but want to get their workout in.
  3. Instagram- I have had this app for a long time but never knew that it was an online community.  I honestly just loved it because it made my pictures pretty, then one day someone commented on my photo...I looked and realized I had like 10 followers and they were all posting their pictures!  SO FUN!
  4. My car-she's so cute!  Love her :)

Enjoy Your Friday!

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