Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Better Late than Never, Right?

Weekend Recap...

The hubs and I decided to try a new wine tasting room in downtown.  It is called The Dregs, and is totally awesome....has an Indie kind of feel and is literally so hard to find, I felt like I was in the Fight Club and had to have a password to get in. 

Ran by a husband and wife, who both, LOVE wine, decided to start their own tasting room. They capitalized on the economy and got a pretty good deal on a tiny little office space on the second story of one of the buildings that looks super vintage and very historical. Prices were good and the wines were great....and I took some neat pictures while there.

After The Dregs, we decided to venture on down to another wine bar in town that we always love to go to.  Walked out of there only paying 10 bucks and we both had 2 glasses of wine.  Can't beat that with baseball bat!  All in all, I probably consumed more wine than I should have, but had a great little "date night" with the husband...it was very much needed.  

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