Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do

Over the last few months I have taken a step back and re-evaluated my life, goals, and opportunities.  I have been absent from the blogging world, been all over the place mentally {and emotionally} and just plain ole been overwhelmed with life and everything that comes along with it.  I think I have mentioned this a little bit a while back…ummm maybe this post?  But quite frankily, due to my absence, I am not even sure if anyone has read it {don’t worry peeps, I don’t blame you}. 

Well, I want to let you all know that all that has been put behind me.  I have moved on, cleared my head, and cried it all out.  It’s. Over. 

A new year is here, I have turned another year older {maybe became a little bit wiser…I said maybe, ok?} and all along some really cool and great things have happened.  I ran my first marathon {kicked butt too}, hosted my very first Thanksgiving….and wait for it…..Christmas as well, decorated my own home {still have a long ways to go}, finally settled in my new job, bought my very first car {I am now a proud Volvo owner, Princess Sophia is her name}, and am planning my new venture on what I want to do with the rest of my life. 

Since my absence, I have been able to really get down and examine things. Though this may not come as a surprise to most of my readers, as I have mentioned it before; one of my favorite things is event planning and creating invitations.  I have never been one to half-heartedly do something; especially when it is one of my passions.  So this case would be absolutely, no exception to the rule.  I never wanted to start something up and not follow through.  Even more importantly, I didn’t want to set something up without a clear vision.  And I think it has come to me now {Yay!}.  So with all that said, my blog will have a new look and a new theme to it.  Allow me to introduce some of my favorite things: 

  • Running/working out
  • Inspirations, ideas, and being creative
  • Working with others and sharing my favorite things with others
  •  Cooking and baking, thus, eating healthy

I have many friends that blog on a daily basis.  Some have been able to make something of it and start their own venture.  Others do it strictly as a hobby.  I read their blogs and always feel good afterwards, though, I never really knew what or why it made me happy.  I realized a few weeks ago that I get happy afterwards because A) they are doing something they love, they followed their passion and made something of it and B) I wanted to do the exact same thing but never knew how or when to do it.  I have now figured out what I want my blog to look and feel like.  I would like to make it a Lifestyle Blog; one that many can relate to, and one that will make people feel good.  Here is a glimpse behind the meaning of my blog:

Monday Weekend Recap/Inspirations: Monday’s topics will cover my weekend {obvi} but it will also cover my inspirations that I have seen throughout the week/weekend.  Anything that I think of a/o see that I want to (re)create I will post.  This will also include things that are not meant to be designed (i.e. a saying or quote that I find etc). 
Run with me Tuesday {and home work outs}: It’s no surprise that I love to run.  I will use Tuesday’s topics to go over my runs planned for the week, how I did the week prior, and new running routes that I plan to do, etc.  I will also discuss races, training tips and experiences, and anything and everything in between.  I will also include my workouts that I do at home.  I think (hope)  a lot of people are like me in a way that I crave exercise, but sometimes get bored with my routines.  I want to use this section as a sounding board for myself and for others.  This section will also act as an accountability partner, for a lack of a better term.   If I write it, I will be honest.  If I miss or workout or just don’t feel motivated, I want to share that with others…it is completely normal and I think a lot of the time we just don’t have motivation or direction.  I want to change that.
Wednesday Healthy Recipes: This section will be a fun one!  I am all about eating good hearty meals, but I try to skip the excess calories.  I constantly am looking for new recipes that are healthy and yummy at the same time. Your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe?  Well, I have one that has half the amount of sugar…I think this will be fun because I will post my favorites as well as, new recipes that I find.  And of course, will give the credit when credit is due J.
Thursday Events/Invitations: YAY! SO exciting!  I think this section is self explanatory…but because the other sections have a description, why should this one be left out?  I will post my invites that I am working on a/o ideas that I see.  I will also be posting some fun event ideas and themes. 
Friday Favorites: This will be a fun section to post my favorite things.

So with that, friends, is what I have been doing.  I can’t wait to see where this takes me.  I read a quote somewhere ok, Pinterest, saying “Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do”….that is so true.  I hope that I can make my blog as great as some of my other blogger friends have.  I know it will take time and for that I am very excited.  These are all things that inspire me, make me happy, and give me joy and I want to be able to share that with others and encourage others to do the same.  So please bare with me as this will take time and hard work, but I promise to make it the best I can. J

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