Monday, October 10, 2011

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today I said “I Do and I will” to my best friend. What a year it has been! Most couples may experience half of what we have experienced within our first year of marriage, new job, bought a house, remodeled (slightly), went through medic school, just to name a few. It has been very hard but yet even more rewarding and I am so thankful that God has shown us so much.

I have to apologize for being M.I.A for so long. To be honest, there has been a lot going on and either I just couldn’t form the words into a post or I just plain ole didn’t want to. The lack of inspiration has been very evident in my life lately. The cards that have been given to us, well, have been a pretty crappy hand and as we are piecing together every little bit, I can’t help but think that, though, we may not be out of the woods just yet, we still have many things to be thankful for. So with that said I am sorry that I haven’t been on here at all…(I do miss it) and I will now share a list of my high’s and low’s:

1. New House: we have officially moved in, slightly more settled in than the last time I posted, however, with Nick being gone 4 days out of the week , not a whole lot has changed other than some picture frames, a bathroom painted, and fall decorations…soon though, soon (fingers crossed).

2. New Job: I LOVE my job! WOW….I have a boss who really cares about me, what I do and appreciates those who work around her. I now work 1 song away from home (those who commute would appreciate this, those who are fortunate to never have to commute, you may not). I am now the Global Marketing Programs Coordinator for a software developer company. My main responsibilities are to provide all marketing pieces to our international distributors and to maintain metrics for our team….however, I seem to have enough to keep me busy every day and I love my schedule. I go home for lunch so I can hang with our fur babies and I am able to run every morning. Couldn’t ask for anything more.

3. Hubby-Medic School: The past 6 months have been difficult; however, I have never seen someone handle a work load this tough ever in my life, like my husband does. I don’t get to spend time with him very much, especially the last two months (he’s been gone 4 days in a row), BUT, we have made it work…I am so very proud of him…he’s such a trooper and he did this by himself…nobody else has supported him the way I think he should be supported, his talent and hard work have paid off and I am very very happy to say he will be done this Friday!!!

4. Anniversary!!!!: Today, it has been one year. This time last year, I was sipping champagne with my besties and enjoying my time with them. Gosh I wish I could do it all over again…I wouldn’t change a thing, honestly, nothing would be changed…it was a perfect day and I am so happy it’s been a year! Unfortunately, we won’t be able to celebrate tonight, he’s at work…but tomorrow night we will go out to Laguna to the Beach House, which you may recall is a very special place for us. At the end of the month, once the smoke clears, Nick has had time to detox, we are going to head down to San Diego for the night.

5. Nick turns 30!: In December, Nick will be turning 30…he’s not looking forward t this, but I honestly think it’s great. (He likes the younger ladies). I am planning a Vegas weekend for us and some friends and am really looking forward to that.

6. Marathon!: Also in December, I will running my very first full marathon. EEkkk! So excited and so very nervous. My best friend and I are competing in the California International Marathon in Sacramento. It’s supposed to be one of the best races in California, but really, don’t all races say that?! I am training hard, though I still wonder if it’s enough…I have set a pretty high goal for myself, which I may kick myself in the end, but I am trying every day to get better, faster, and stronger. I ran my first 20 miler, alone, and I think I have a lot to improve on, but at least I know what needs to be improved and what doesn’t. I am really excited to run the marathon, just scared that I won’t last. LOL.

As you can see, there have been so many things going on in our life. We have had many ups and some downs…but the ups continue to get higher and the downs don’t really last as long as they used to… I love my husband with all my heart. I am very proud of him and what he has accomplished in the last 6 months. I wouldn’t recommend this for everyone, it’s hard and there are a lot of lonely nights…however, it has shown us one thing for sure…we truly are meant to be a team…and it’s very important to be the stronger link when the other half is weaker. I cannot wait until he is completely finished..he deserves to rest for a very long time.

Happy Anniversary sweets! Love you with all my heart!

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