Friday, July 8, 2011

10 Things Friday

I have been thinking that a lot of my posts (whether they are read by followers or not) is basically just me catching everyone up on what is going on in life.  I thought I would make this blog a little bit more fun by adding a "summer series"....think of it as me making a theme to my blog, somewhat similar to those I see on all my other fine blogs that I read.

{Enter...10 things friday}

Every Friday, I will post 10 things that make me happy..and simply just for a reminder to myself that even though life is crazy and moving fast it is ok to take a step back and recognize those things that bring me joy.

  1. nick
  2. my little fur babies; killian and lucy
  3. my brand new shoes that i found on sale {suede coral slingbacks, closed toe from urban}
  4. this is my last friday at my commuter job
  5. our new home...which we move into tonight!
  6. for some reason the new slipcover that we bought to put over the couch my parents gave us...yay almost new couch!
  7. coffee....lots of coffee
  8. bright colors! totally wearing coral and aqua marine today at work.
  9. running!  Lots and lots of running
  10. giraffes

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