Friday, July 1, 2011

Holiday Fun. 4th of July Style

4th of July is one of my all-time favorite's a close second to Christmas (176 days away FYI).  This 4th will be a little different than the past holidays as we will be celebrating in our new city!  In the past, we have always been in Mammoth but due to circumstances (i.e. we bought a house) we had to stay away this year so we will do what we do best.....relax and have fun!  This weekend is supposed to be hot and we will be painting all weekend so we can finally move in!  So close!!!  Since we will be slaving away on the walls, we decided to grill in our backyard with Nick's parents and keep it low key.  I have put together the menu for Monday's dinner which includes:

my "world famous" guacamole as an appetizer

And my grilled corn on the cob that I make :) I don't have a picture of it and all the sample pics online were ugly so here is the recipe, it's very simple:
  • white corn husks
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • green tabasco sauce
  • chile powder
  • seasoning salt
  • regular black pepper
Take the husks off the corn, after soaking them in water.  Once they are de-husked, grab some foil and cut appropriate sizes for individual corn.  Now, I don't like using butter for my corn so I take a very small amount of extra virgin olive oil and rub it onto the corn.  Remember, a little bit goes a long way!  Then, take the last 3 ingredients and sprinkle onto the can use any amount you would like, it's totally up to you...but I like my corn to have a kick so I put a lot on :) Once that's done, throw tabasco on and wrap them up!  Place it on the grill until they are done!

After dinner, we are going to be riding our bikes on down to the University in town to watch the fireworks!  It's going to be a fun-filled weekend and hopefully we will be able to make a lot of progress on the house!

Have fun everyone and be safe!

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