Monday, January 3, 2011


Well, it is here. 2011. Where did 2010 go? I bet everyone is thinking the same thing right about now. We decided to keep it low key this year and to hang with a few friends. Our only plan was to walk down to dinner and have Sangria and then see where the night took us! It was fun!!

It is now January, my last post was sometime before Christmas.....sorry. Nick had reminded me that I hadn't posted anything for a few weeks and I promised him, I would write after the new year. So here I am, posting. My first post for 2011.

To be honest, I haven't really felt the posting bug lately...and I don't want to just post anything just for the sake of filling the page up. So on my way into work this morning I was thinking of all the goals that I set for last year.....some of those that I accomplished...which can be found
here and here. Some of the goals that I set for 2011 can be found here. And most importantly, I became an auntie, a wife :), and a Godmother. 2010 was a big year to put it buntly.....but I believe 2011 will be even bigger.

I am making it a point to focus on starting my invitation suite business. I do think that starting do work on the side will be beneficial for Nick and I as we start to think about making our family a little bigger (this won't be for a few years by the way, 2 dogs is already enough for our small house). But, the idea of me working from home within the next few years is very appealing to the two of us.

Another big event for 2011 is that Nick will be going to Paramedic School in April. He will be taking on a 6 month program and will become a Paramedic Fire Fighter once it's all done in November! Most programs last a full year, which some of you may already know, that it demands pretty much ALL of your time to study, go to class, do the clinicals....It can take a lot of out of you to say the least.....we both feel that this 6 month program will be best for us and we are both very excited for this!! Though, it will be a trying 6 months, I have no doubt that it will only strengthen our marriage and God has exciting plans for us! I am very proud of Nick, during the years that I have known him, he has always been proactive to take more classes to strengthen his knowledge and career. I admire him so much, especially that he is one of the few people that I know that does something that he really is down right passionate about.

With all that said, I have no doubt that 2011 will bring us many opportunities and I am excited to see what God has planned for us!!


  1. thank you so much for the links in your comment on my blog - they are PERFECT!!! still browsing now :)