Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas at the Grays!

How beautiful is the image above?? It's from none other, than Martha Stewart. What I would do to make this, which I may have to for next year. This year is very exciting! With all things new, this Christmas is no different. It will be our first Christmas as the Grays :). Every year, I get excited around Thanksgiving...knowing that in very short time, it will be Christmas time which means in the Cleveland household, that Lindsey goes crazy with the decorations! Well this year, I get to decorate our house....and we already started. Our Christmas lights went
up the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

This is our house...We decided to go old school style this year, and bought the multi colored bulbs. I adore my garland over the door.

Last year I went out and got in on the After Christmas sales and bought some ornaments, a tree skirt, some beautiful vases, and other miscellaneous Christmas decorations and my plan for this year is to do the same. Although, we did manage to spend $50 on ornaments at Crate & Barrel this weekend (had a gift card, score!)
I want to go crazy now and buy everything in sight, that just isn't the smart thing for me to do. So I plan to decorate the house with what I purchased last year and this year. Then on the 26th it's Game Time! I am going to hit up all the sales for next year's decorations. So next year, will be my coming out year for the Grays...we go big or go home. What stores will I hit up?
Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Pier 1, and World Market!

I love this look for a table that will sit underneath the window, just behind our couch. Most people would use this as a center piece on their dining table, but, we have a smaller round table and I am currently in the process of finding a table for underneath the TV....right now, we have this table:

that we purchased from Pottery Barn outlet a long time ago that is underneath the TV. I want to buy a TV console and then move the other table back to the window. This look can be used all year round which is what I like to do with pretty much all my decorations, I just change the overall look up a bit by adding garland around it. Some other examples of the look that I am going for are below...all of which come from my fav store....Pottery Barn!

What to do while I have to be conservative with my money this year? Dream of the endless possibilities of decorating! By the way, super disappointment....we don't have a fire place. BOOOOO.....how on Earth will I hang our stockings?! I have thought of this since we moved in....I think I have a plan. In the mean time, isn't this picture below just so cute? I love the old rustic feel. I am trying to decide between this or the more classic look which is right below the other picture. Oh how I love Pottery Barn.

Each year, I stick with a theme of decorations. This year, Nick and I (really, I asked and he was like "sure!" he doesn't care too much but I wanted to make sure this was a team decision not just me) decided we would stick with multi color ornaments in jewel tones, white lights (A LOT!) on the tree and then around the house I would love to have the more creative feel...things that I can do myself. I just love the way this looks below...and look how easy it would be to make this?! I imagine this hanging from a window....this is also from Martha Stewart.

Another thing to do is our Christmas cards! However,this will just have to wait til next year. Which is a major bummer, seeing as I had envisioned what our Christmas cards would look like since he proposed.... Hh well, I guess that means that next year,
we will doing a really really good one!
I would love to hear everyone else's plans for decorating!

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