Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Missing Maui

I don't have much time (seems to be the theme these days) to totally go into all the fun things that have happened within the last 3 weeks, but what I can tell you is, I am incredibly happy and love being Nick's wife more and more every day....

A little photo recap if you will:

What every bride tells you is absolutely true....enjoy the day, take it all in, and be prepared that it goes by fassssstttttt. I can honestly say that the day was the best day of our lives, as of yet and we are still talking about funny things that happened or just really great moments that we shared. I had a friend that asked me yesterday what my favorite part was of the wedding/day and I think it has to be when everyone got out and was sooo fun....Our DJ was absolutely amazing...we really wanted the reception to be about the guests and he definitely got that on the nose. We played a newleywed game in the beginning and I am still getting comments from guests saying that it was the best part. Another cool thing that they did was while Nick and I were saying hi to the tables, they played a game where they called 10 pre-selected guests to come up to the front and then had them find whatever item they called out....the winner won a quarter! haha. I am still getting teary eyed just thinking about our wonderful day...

then came Maui....

Oh I miss you. That my friends, will get a longer post (same as the wedding) and more pictures of course. But I will say this, I enjoyed every minute of it....and I am enjoying every minute of married life as well.

Oh and guess what? I got a brand new puppy for my wedding gift...Meet Lucy :) Isn't she a doll? She is best friends with my other love, Killian :) Here is a picture of our wonderful children.

And that my friends is what I call a perfect wedding, honeymoon, puppy, and house. Stay tuned, I will write more when life isn't so busy...haha

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  1. i totally agree!!! where did you stay in maui? we stayed at the 4 seasons and then the sheraton. LOVED it.