Monday, July 26, 2010

Things to Make Your Heart Smile

What can I say...someone's gotta teach her how to love the finer things in life :)...kidding.... I told my niece, Kaydance Michel Musacchio, that there are 3 things in life that she should love...

1. Jeans. Can never have too many

2. Tiffanys. This will always make a girl smile.

3. Running. Just like her Auntie, it will be the best thing she can ever do. :)

Nick and I drove up Saturday morning and had to leave Sunday afternoon. I wish I could have stayed longer but since we went to Mammoth and still have our Fiji trip coming up in October, my vacay time is all filled up. Me= sad.

Anyways, so once we got there I ran straight into her nursery where I saw my mom and sister holding her. From the moment I saw her I just fell more in love with her. Look at her long fingers! Isn't she just the most adorable thing in the whole wide world? My sister was A-MA-ZING. 28 hours of labor, no drugs, and 3 hours of pushing.

Hi....Pain City? Party of one?!

Good thing we had a nice glass of wine the next day to celebrate her arrival!


I can't wait until I can hold you again, Kaydance. You're wonderful :)


  1. 1. Congrats on little Kaydance! Love that name too!
    2. what an amazing woman your sister is!
    3. I had NO CLUE you had a blog! IDK how I didn't know, but I'm now a follower! haha ahahah thanks for your comment and your wedding support on FB. Can't wait to see and hear more about yours!

  2. So your blog made me cry . . . LOVE YOU and so does Kaydance!