Tuesday, May 24, 2011


**This post may be long winded so bare with me here as I jump from subject to subject....I apologize.**
{Our first family portrait in front of our new home}

As this week goes on I am beginning to feel slight anxiety about the move.  Not the house, not the city, not the fact that everything will change once we settle in....but the very fact that I will be leaving the city that I call home: Claremont. 

Friends have been asking me how I am feeling about it and up until today I have been able to be 100% excited about it.  Well I guess I should back up....It hit me Sunday morning.  Nick, Lucy, and I were just finishing up the loop and heading back to the car.  It was right then when it occured to me that, that day was the very last Sunday morning that I had to run in Claremont.  Then it hit me even more.  That Sunday was the last day that I had and I didn't take advantage of it!  Sad and somewhat amazed with myself because I always run my long runs on my Sundays...in fact, those are my favorite runs!  My favorite day to run....and I didn't run. 

Oh well....it's the way of life I thought...move on.

Then today came.  I am fighting back tears...which makes me feel dumb because in all honesty...my runs will be better in our new city because of all of the rolling hills (yay!  Claremont running is either straight uphill at first then downhill, or vice versa) but still....I have been running for over 15 years now and 13 of those have been spent in Claremont. 

I don't think I am sad because of my runs will be different so please don't think it's that...I think it's more just the fact that in life comes change...and with that change come good things...but before you can get to those good things you have to go through the rough transition, otherwise known as, change and this girl wasn't blessed with that gift to embrace change...

So today, I plan to run 7 miles.  Tomorrow and Thursday I plan to run shorter runs in the morning and come Friday morning...the last run will be spent with my best friend (who has experienced this whole change thing far more than I ever could, and also will be down for the weekend) and we will run 7 miles.  I may or may not cry afterwards, but at least I will have her shoulder to cry on.

Then it will be exploring a new city, finding new runs that I fall in love with, runs that I get bored with, and runs that make me who I am.  As I become aquainted with a new neighborhood, new favorite eateries that will hopefully include, mexican, bagels, yogurt, greek, and whatever else I am forgetting, new routes to get me to and from point A to point B, I will not forget my Claremont...my comfort and my routine :)

Now, to a better topic that is not so emotional (umm, hi watery eyes...)

I wanted to post some pictures from my latest race.  As I said before I finished in 1:48....2 minutes faster than my goal and because of this I am now wanting to run another one to see how I can improve even more.  I have spent my days reading Born to Run and now that I am finished with it I can't stop talking about...there is just so much information in that book that I have applied to my runs and already have seen a difference.  I encourage anyone who is somewhat skeptical about running or thinks that you are not a runner to go pick this book up (or purchase on Amazon for an amazing deal) and talk to me once you are done.

I am looking for my next half....not sure which one I will do yet but I want to sign up for one soon...and then it's the full marathon for me.  I am getting closer and closer to wanting to run one that I think my time is coming.

Ok! Picture time!!

 Had to make this one B&W...girl w/no makeup on looks better in B&W...
But Nick just finished and I am so proud of him!!

 The BF

The girls and I after the race and some good wine :)

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