Friday, May 13, 2011


What's that?

I need a vacation.  Life has been so incredibly busy with the move, medic school, and many many other things that I can't share just yet, that I look back and ask where did the months go?

Updates as of today:
  1. Half Marathon went great!  My time was 1:48 minutes....2 minutes below my goal time of 1:50.  I managed to shave 4 minutes of my time from my last happy.
  2. Nick ran amazingly well!!!! I was so proud of him.  He did it in 2:14 minutes and didn't even train for the damn thing.  Wish I had his determination!
  3. Nick just finished week 4 of medic school and is still doing very well.  Seriously, I don't know how he does it, but somehow he does. 
  4. We close escrow May 18th!!  and get the keys on May 21st.'s gone by so quickly.  We are both so very excited to own our own home...our first home..and most importantly to have something to call our home. 
  5. We are both going at about  250 mph a second and this past week in particular has been extremely draining.  Although, I say that knowing in the back of my mind that it's all worth. every. second. 
  6. Nick will be done with the class portion of medic school by the end of June, which at that point, it will be smooth sailing.
I do realize how blessed we are to be able to own a home at such a young age and I thank God daily...I honestly have been so humbled by everything that has happened in our life.  With that said, I am being completely vulnerable and honest by saying, there are days where I literally find myself pulling my hair....(it is kinda funny).  But when I have those moments I hear deep down inside of me a little quiet voice saying it's all right. 

I am looking foward to the decorating most of all....I have so many plans that I just can't wait to start on and that is really what is keeping me sane.  Since Nick is using up the majority of his time with studying, I have been doing most of the far our house still looks like we aren't going anywhere, other than the walls are bare....and this scares me a bit.  I feel like we have a lot to do still.  With that being said, this girl will be spending her Friday night alone with her fur babies packing.

I hope by the time the end of October rolls around we will be able to get away for a night for a little vacation. 

Until then....this picture will do the trick (kinda)

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