Wednesday, June 1, 2011

a little sweat equity if you will...

So this weekend was Memorial Day Weekend which meant a longer weekend for most....I say most, because Nick had to go into work Sunday morning and just got off today.  boooo.  I left off last time saying that we were almost packed up and getting out of the rental and moving in {somewhat} to our new home! 

Friday evening we officially moved all our stuff into our garage and spent our first night {on the floor} in our new home and in a much larger bedroom!  Since we only have the weekends to work on the house, we started head first and got a good handle on all the DIY projects.  I also ran a couple times in my new city and LOVED it!!  I am pooped though!!!  For a girl that is used to running 8 miles a day, I barely finished my 6 mile runs!!  But the neighborhoods are so pretty and I am excited to be able to run hills everyday.  Sounds weird that I am saying that but it will only strengthen my muscles and my lungs :)

Our List?
  1. Scrape the ceilings
  2. Install new toilets
  3. Install the kitchen sink faucet
  4. Install canned lighting
  5. Put up crown molding
  6. Paint!
  7. Make the yards look pretty
  8. Move in!
That doesn't seem too much does it?  Since Nick was at work this weekend, he was only able to help out on Saturday....he and his dad started on the ceilings while I went to the rental and did our final walkthrough and picked up last minute things....umm hello, why did I forget the crock pot?!  So saturday it was ceilings, vacuum, throw old plants away, and clean up.  Sunday and Monday, his parents and I did a lot of yard work.  Pruned the trees, took the plants out, de-weeded as much as we could, and pretty much anything else that you can think of.  As I type this, I feel like it's not a lot but while I was doing it I felt that I had been working for months on the yard.  I will be posting pics throughout this process but below are the first of many to come!

PS: I'm totally bummed out that I didn't get a picture of Nick and his dad doing the ceilings.  They were covered in popcorn ceiling/dust and looked like ghosts!!

This room became this:

Hello, bare ceilings!

Bye Bye ugly dead plants!

Holy moly!  A lot of clothes!

I had asked Nick to find a toilet where my feet won't dangle on the ground....They came home with this! Ha!!  His dad totally covered the toilet!

Who says girls can't mow the yards!  Please disregard my ugly outfit.

Yard work at it's best!

Yay! for a pretty sink faucet that doesn't leak!

PPS: I mentioned before that it would probably take some time to find my favorite coffee shop, greek food place, nail salon, etc....well I found my new coffee shop and my greek joint already!  The even greater part?  It's a mile down the road from our house.  ahhhh the little things in life that keeps me happy.

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