Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pink or Blue?

This past weekend we had our gender reveal party.  Prior to the party, Nick and I had both changed our minds and decided we would learn the sex of the baby on the day of the ultrasound.  Before, we wanted to find out with the family but after having time to think about it, we both know that I am an emotional wreck pre-pregnancy so just imagine my reaction when I find out what we are having.  Let alone, we find out in front of 15 of our closest friends and family.  So we ex-nayed that idea and went with plan B… glad we did because I was a wreck.  Ugly crying-wreck.  Here’s how the night went down:

We had ordered a cake from a local bakery a week prior to the party.  I told them that I wanted a gender neutral cake with yellows, grays, mint colors and a giraffe!  The cream filling on the inside would be either pink or blue.  The caption on the front of the cake reads: “Daddy’s little helper or Mommy’s little runner”.


I turned my chalkboard into a tally-board and had guests write down what they thought we were having. 

After dinner we had planned to sype with my sister, brother in law and niece so they could watch us cut into the cake.  Filled with anticipation, we finally did! 

Team Blue for the Grays!


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