Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Born. to. Run.

Some of you may have this book, some of you may have heard of this book, and some of you may not know what it is or care.  If the latter describes you, maybe this post will make you want to go buy this awesome book. 

I have heard many great things about this book such as, it got a non runner off the couch and out on the streets in no time, it changed the way runners think while running, or it actually made running fun.  I just got the paperback version in the mail yesterday (pre-ordered on Amazon for $8 bucks and it arrived the very next day it was coming out!)...actually Nick and I were sitting on our porch when it got delivered...I was so excited that I opened it up right then and there!  So I will start my new book today and I hope it changes the way I think and feel while be honest, I think I am almost more excited about this book than I have ever been about anything!  Happy Wednesday!

*I will post my thoughts a/o favorite parts of the book in later posts :) 

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  1. I wanna read it when your done! And you can read my Crazy Love! :)