Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sparkling Thursday

Well, it's not so sparkly, but I feel like if I say that enough I will like this Thursday a little bit more.  Plus I love all things sparkly so I felt it just fit the title.  I also feel like Thursdays get the shaft when it comes to the days of the week and which days you like and which days you hate.  To me, Thursday is 1 day closer to Friday which for me, is Heaven because, ummm hello, that means the weekend is here!  But for others, also known as the more pessimistic kind, it means, we still have to go through the day just to get to Friday.  When I was in college, Thursday was my Friday.  I was done with classes then usually went out with friends that night, went to work the next morning, usually not feeling so "awake".  Not the case anymore....this girl has turned in her party hat for her running shoes and a bedtime nicely set at 9 pm every night.  Even on the weekends

Now that I am done with that rant, I realize I have been MIA lately.  My apologies.  I do want to try to get better at my blogging skills.  Wanted to keep you all up to date, remember this post?  I have already done some of my goals!! 
  1. Legally change my name to Gray- Check!  Phewww...that was a toughy....after talking to the lady at the Social Security office about Hawaii and how she hated it, almost being late coming back to work (went on my lunch break), getting the stink eye because I made an appointment at the DMV instead of standing in that wretched line, and taking the new picture I am done....and I wonder if my picture turned out good.
  2. Joint Checking-Almost check!  All we need is a copy of my new license and then we are set....C'mon California State Department, get on that license so I can do joint checking please!
  3. Save money.  Wellll.......define save money.  I will say we are doing better with our budget and are not as tight as we were...however, I highly doubt we will be getting on  plane to go to Maui anytime soon.  In good time we will :)
  4. I am going to go ahead and skip over #4 as I am still learning how to "go with the flow".
  5. I am getting faster!!! and my legs are hurting because of it :)
  6. The house is slowly coming together!  Nick bought me a rolling cart for the kitchen as my Valentines gift....Perfect present :)  We also got this bad boy for the wall.  Love it! 
  7. Ahhhh probably the most important business.  I am happy to say that it is slowly (key word there) coming together.  I am not ready to unveil the website yet and most likely won't be for a while, but I am happy to report that I am in talks with some lovely people and it will come together.
I hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday and I hope it's sparkly for you all :) 

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