Monday, June 21, 2010

I Got a Log

...seriously, I got a log...see --->

Some of you may remember this post. And those of you who don't remember it, let me refresh your memory. In the very beginning of our wedding planning process, I immediately knew what kind of theme I wanted....Simple. Rustic. Elegance. Seeing as we are on a budget and I have endless ideas floating through my head at all times, I decided I would be doing about 90% of the decorating myself....something I really really love doing. I knew that I wanted mason jars with candles in them, and that I would be doing picture frames on each table that would serve as our table "numbers"....but what would these fabulous finds be sitting on?! Everytime I imagined the center pieces they just looked bare. I don't want anyone to come to our wedding and think that it looked bare....I just didn't know what else would work. And that's when I saw a picture from another wedding, where they used circular wooden disks as the base. I was immediately drawn to that picture and knew that I had to have that at the Gray Wedding.

But how would one go about getting these wooden disks without A) having to pay and B) getting arrested because we were cutting a tree down. Well I can tell you that we didn't have to pay and that we didn't have to cut a tree down, but we did get the log....and now I am happy, excited, and ready to cut some wood!

Oh and how did we get this log you may ask? Well, my very handsome and strong fiance got it for me of course ;)

Isn't he cute?!

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  1. Michel and I saw rounds today on our walk and totally thought of this picture!!!! It still makes me laugh a bit . . . I think to myself, "what was Lindsey doing while Nick was lugging that HUGE log around?" Then I answer it, "Well, taking pictures of it, OF COURSE!"