Tuesday, May 25, 2010

As if this girl doesn't have a million other things to do...

...I started my newest project last night. The glitter letters. :) I have a thing for glitter, I love glitter, I love playing with glitter, & I love decroating with glitter...now does this girl like to clean up the glitter? Not. So. Much. These letters are not finished due to the long drying process then the layering of the glitter, and more drying but you get the point :)


  1. wow - looks great! how did you cut out the letters?

  2. I did all in photoshop. Basically once I decided on what font I wanted, I blew up the letters to fit a regular piece of paper...then printed them out, cut them, and then outlined the letters on pieces of chipboard. I didnt really care if I got pen on the chipboard since I was glittering them anyways so that made it a whole lot easier! One other thing, the reason why I did it in photoshop was bc this particular font was really thin, so I made duplicate layers of the letters and moved them out a little bit to make them wider! :)